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Praticing Yoga

At the physical level, yoga provides a healthy and beautiful body, giving well -being and sense of “joie de vivre”. Moreover, we can point out other physical benefits: Decreased pain due to increased endorphin production in the body, increased immunity weight standards, improvement of insomnia and depression frame, increased strength and vigor, improved posture, reducing pain, normalization of glandular functions, increased flexibility of the joints, muscles and tendons, and improving the gastrointestinal digestive functions, increased respiratory efficiency, increased cardiovascular efficiency, normalization of blood pressure, increased Alpha waves in the EEG, balance stability of the functions of autonomic nervous system, relief from fibromyalgia, slowing heart rate, minimizing breathing per minute, increasing the longevity and vitality, intensification of organic detoxification.

At the mental level, strongly oxygenate the brain, Yoga promotes concentration, insight and serenity to reduce and cancel the “stress “of everyday life. It also increases the effectiveness of mind by providing capacity it for quick and inspired decision. Other benefits the mental level will be increased memory, concentration and level of voluntary awareness, more efficient learning, decreased anxiety, increased global and centered perception, decreased hostility, depression and anxiety, improving the understanding of body movements, more stability and mental and emotional balance, increased welfare with better emotional states, decreased psychological dependencies, greater social integration, increased inner peace, stimulation of latent potential, decreased mental lethargy, helps develop a positive attitude towards life .

Yoga also helps to enhance the psycho- motor functions to improve balance, cognitive function, built-in functions of the body and motor coordination. This practice helps to increase firmness, dexterity skills, seizure of strength and depth perception.

They may also obtain benefits important biochemical defense against aging and degenerative diseases , such as decreased glucose, sodium, triglycerides, and catecholamines, decrease in total cholesterol, increasing HDL cholesterol and lowering LDL and VLDL cholesterol , increased hemoglobin, thyroxine , total serum protein, vitamin C and lymphocyte count.

At the emotional level, the practice of Yoga reduces the emotional issues to its full extent. It also develops the maturity to resolve the issues calmly and with minimum energy consumption. Morally, develops moral and ethical principles essential to the self- realization of the Self and the relationship with the other transmitting values ​​such as patience and forgiveness. Spiritually, this practice builds body awareness, feelings, the world around and the needs of others. In fostering interdependence between body, mind and spirit Yoga teaches how to live the concept of “uniqueness ".