Fisio clube


How it works

These cups or bells called Ventosaterapiantosas are heated internally with fire, which creates a vacuum by burning the air inside. Are immediately applied in specific areas of the body, especially the back, or meridian points, creating a suction force.

Its principal therapeutic effect is to control the bloodstream and is based on gas exchange in order to clean the blood through the skin, as the suction cup has the same physiological gas exchange lung and kidney. Thus, eliminating the stagnant gases and toxins into the body by the negative pressure produced by vacuum makes the blood biochemical balanced with pH cells homogeneously stable.

According to TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine, the accumulated toxins by dirt water, food, or unbalanced emotions cause blood stagnation coagulated, dark, dirty, in the back muscles or joints, causing diseases, hence the need to remove it so that the person can recover. It is regarded as "negative treatment", which consists in bringing the diseased cells of blood from inside the body to the surface through strong absorptions. This method recovers the diseased cells.

Its origin and history

Used since ancient Egypt, it is also mentioned in the writings of Hippocrates and practiced by the people in the fourth century BC Greek

The ancient instrument used to make the gourd was windy. By the American Indians used was the upper horn buffalo to cause the vacuum suction at the tip of the horn mouth, and then buffered. The ancient healers could with his powerful facial muscles and agility, extract the mouth by suction and then spitting venom from snakes, relieving pain and cramps in the abdomen in the infected.

Ventosaterapia The use of suction in the East was developed based on acupuncture. It is based on the belief that the resistance against the disease can be achieved by inducing the body to heal itself by applying suction cups on the 12 meridian points or nodes positive reaction. The use of suction cups in the West was a former therapeutic element commonplace and great value, because in the absence of other elements of science, Ventosaterapia was practically used in curing all diseases. Europe has developed the suction cup as we know today, using the glass.


The application of Ventosaterapia body brings extraordinary benefits, not only physical and psychic.

It is indicated:

  1. Control of Circulatory System: strengthens skin respiration,
  2. blood vessels, facilitates gas exchange, the blood cleansing
  3. and balancing blood pH. Arteriosclerosis.
  4. Prevents heart attack and stroke.
  5. Causes the relief of muscle pain, neuralgia, arthritis, back pain and facilitates joint movements.
  6. Maintains the flexibility of the muscles and removes fibrosidades and adhesions.
  7. It has relaxing effect and combats stress and their diseases. Therapy for colds, flu, high or low pressure, headaches, asthma, allergies.
  8. Assists in the treatment of gastritis.
  9. Speeds up digestion.
  10. Active hormone secretion.
  11. Associated massage helps in treating cellulite.
  12. This poisoning by chemicals, medicines, and gas.
  13. Helps in anemia as it increases the lifespan of red blood cells.
  14. Suitable for kidney and liver.
  15. Gives deep sense of well being and calm the patient.
  16. Improves the general health of the chronically ill.
  17. It can be applied in people of all ages.

Contraindications and effects

The method has no side effect but is contraindicated in case of suspected bleeding of any kind and above seven months pregnant.

Each session lasts about 40 minutes and oode leave bruises that disappear naturally in a few days.