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Auricular Therapy

Auricular Therapy is a therapeutic method that uses the ear for evaluation and treatment of organ dysfunction, emotional disorders and musculoskeletal system.

Differs from the Traditional Auriculotherapy using the pinna not only for diagnosis but for treatment and / or by producing a description of new points.

The pinna is a microsystem were is designed the human body and a it is a receiver of specific signals coming from the body. That means, when an organ or limb is unbalanced the corresponding region in the ear manifest signs that the body needs care and attention.

The auricular therapy is indicated for treatment of contractures, sprains, bruises, spasms, sprains, rheumatic diseases, diseases of endocrine-metabolic diseases (obesity and anorexia, diabetes, pituitary, thyroid dysfunctions, ...) functional diseases (hypertension, respiratory disorders, urinary , digestive, circulatory, smooth muscle spasms, dizziness, palpitations ...) emotional changes, as well as chronic diseases.

"The diagnosis of the ear is not only the detection of points, but also a method for the detection of the whole system" Huang Chun Li