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Insoles SuperSole

What is supersole insole?

It's a sock which has in its composition a polymer of last generation that allows your design faster and more economically. Let’s treat and prevent problems of the feet, spine and posture. This dynamic insole that is continually stimulate the correction of imbalances and correct stimulation of muscle activity, targeting an active correction of biomechanical foot imbalances.

Why choose these insoles?

Individual and personalized insole, designed by Physiotherapists with a high degree of training in the presence and with the collaboration of the wearer.

Greater time savings in acquisition, with the decreased time between assessment and deliver them, a process that takes about 1 hour. The readjustment of traditional insoles that cost time and money are avoided. The same can be molded insoles as often as necessary until the desired correction is achieved, given that monitoring is done after preparing to readjust if appropriate and certification of user satisfaction.

For those who are given the insoles?

  • People with poor feet (pes planus, pes cavus, among others).
  • Postural abnormalities.
  • Problems Column.
  • Insufficient circulation.
  • People with poor lymphatic drainage of the lower limbs.
  • Elderly, to combat and prevent biomechanical due to loss of muscle mass and strength changes.
  • Pregnant women, to compensate for the postural and weight changes resulting from pregnancy, which can be a source of discomfort and pain.
  • Athletes.

Production process

The insole is heated so as to be flexible during a period in which it is shaped according to the desired objectives.