Fisio clube


Daily pressures, incorrect postures, emotional shock, stress, trauma, surgery and inflammatory responses in the body cause stress to the fascia.

Being directly connected to organs and viscera, this tissue will affect all systems, resulting in a bad function of the structures and causing pain.

The fascia guard emotions and is a large deposit of toxins.

Any voltage applied to an area of ​​the body is reflected on the entire fascial network.

Based on these principles, myofascial therapy involves reading the postural pattern and any standard moves - bend, stoop to both sides and to breathe - in order to readjust the tissues.

The areas of focus are chronic pain, headaches, back problems, such as scoliosis, hyperlordosis, hipercifosis, and are among the cases that more can benefit from this type of therapeutic approach. Postural problems end up influencing the dynamic of the fascia and could involve compression of nerves and vascular part.

The fascial treatment is important to resolve emotional problems and the elimination of toxins.