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The Microphysiotherapy is a Manual Physical Therapy Technique developed in France in 1983 by physiotherapists Daniel Grosjean and Patrice Benini.

Based on embryology, phylogeny and ontogeny developed specific body maps (similar to the meridians of oriental medicine) and specific soft hand gestures to identifythe primary cause of a disease or dysfunction, promoting balance and health maintenance. This technique allows to solve chronic health problems with the use of hands in specific layers of the body. Through these gestures, the professional is able to report important dates of the patient's life and their relationship to health problems. Then performing the massage with your fingertips helps the body to erase the scars around the internal body responsible for negative symptoms.

This treatment is not mystical, supernatural or spiritual. It is performed by trained professional phytotherapists to find the scars of the body, because everything that happens in the toxic, physical and emotional level is absorbed by the body, the role of the physiotherapist is to discover these memories and erase them.

By stimulating certain points on the body, Microphysiotherapy makes the patient healing within the body itself.

But this technique does not work for all diseases. The chronic problems are those who have obtained the highest result, such as cases of migraine, cramps, herpes, allergies, depression, panic syndrome, osteoarthritis, arthritis ... however there are difficulties in dealing with problems in hearing and sharp pains. Not forgetting that the technique is new and is progressing.

The Microphysiotherapy does not work ast a replacement for existing conventional methods. It should be used as prevention of problems, with annual sessions for clearing the body from the marks of that time. It can be applied to people of any age, except pregnant women and terminally ill. Adverse reactions such as sleep changes, vomiting, mood swings and increased problem may arise in the early days. The Microphysiotherapy works with the same principle of homeopathy, like using to promote healing, so sometimes, complications worsen and then regress.

For the full treatment of a problem are advised three to four sessions made with breaks of two months.

Only doctors, physiotherapists and psychologists are trained to work with Microphysiotherapy.