Fisio clube


Iridology is a method of analysis that brings together various techniques, the metaphysics of health, which seeks to identify trends and organizational patterns of the individual, through signals observed in the iris, leading to orientation and self-knowledge, before the appearance of any change.

Many of the imbalances that affect our bodies are detected by the iridology analysis, because analysis of the iris allows us to know the polarity of the brain, the point of stress, introversion or extroversion of a person, professional trends and features, relationship standards between couples, the age at which an injury occurred and if that trauma may have caused anxiety, feelings of inferiority and depression (cronirischio – Italian technique).

By iris diagnosis it’s possible to recover the individual balance, because the iris reveals the origin of the deficiencies, allows the elaboration of a specific program with the right therapeutic modalities (Psychological Counseling, homeopathy, nutrition, orthomolecular, body work. etc.)

Iridology studies can determine how the individual develops their learning processes, expression, modification and management of relationships, even from early childhood. Iridology is simple to implement, economic and noninvasive. Therefore using this method of analysis we can more efficiently recover the balance of health, because the iris reveals the origin and organs related to the deficiencies.