Fisio clube


Low back pain, sciatica, protrusions and hernias are the most common health problems in our clinic. At least once in their life will suffer from one of these conditions.

We combine the latest technology and flexion distraction for disc decompression, osteopathy and the global postural reeducation for bone and muscle alignment, and neural biopunture for the relief of pain, inflammation and regeneration. There were significant improvements in 90% of patients with these conditions in an average of three sessions.

Today the flexion-distraction system is beyond a doubt, one of the most efficient systems for the treatment of lumbar pathologies such herniated disc, osteoarthritis, spondylolistheses, discartroses and some types of back pain. This table applies a decompression force associated with bending of the spine at exactly the level to be treated.

Among the effects of this technique flexion-distraction is:

  • The space of the posterior disc height increases;
  • The bending the protruding disc decreases and reduces stenosis;
  • The bending stretches the yellow ligament to reduce stenosis;
  • The bending open the spinal canal 2mm (16%) or 3.5 mm to 6mm;
  • The bending increases the transport of metabolites to the disk;
  • The bending opens the apophyseal joints and reduces the strain on the rear disc;
  • The intradisco pressure drops in the draw to less than 100 mmHg.

The flexion-distraction increases the diameter of the spinal canal, opening of the intervertebral foramen providing space for nerve and dorsal root ganglia and decreased local edema. With the ability to also put the extent the core protrudes above reducing the protrusion.

System flexion-distraction