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Neuromuscular Balance

The neuromuscular balance (ENM) was developed in the 80s by François Soulier, after five years studies, when he has contact with Activator Method, which is a pen that generates vibrations created by chiropractors in U.S. at the Logan School - Activator Method Chiropractic Technique, aiming to replace hands in performing a manipulative technique of the sacrum.

Innovation by François Soulier relates to the inclusion of the concepts of Osteopathy and the Activator Method posturology and so the technique ENM.

It is considered a global treatment to eliminate structural blockages whose origins are joint pain.

This technique is intended to remove structural blockages, postural changes, acute and chronic pain, with the help of a small mechanical device that produces a vibration simple, gentle and effective without stress for the patient ...

The neuromuscular balance consists of a gentle vibration or a micro-thrust aimed at reducing joint and vertebral problems through no manipulative correction with help of a small mechanical device that produces a accurate and smooth vibration towards the correction of the lesion.

This is a technique intended to correct adjustment joint and tonic blocks that can be combined with any technique except for the massotherapy and electro treatments that must be performed prior to Neuromuscular Balance, because the information reflex, which is the based technique, can be compromised if performed later. The only contraindication of the technique is for people who can not stay in the prone position.

Treatment consists of two parts. The first part is necessarily in the prone position where the physiotherapist sends a vibration through precise and painless pen in certain joints. Next, the patient stands up, constituting the second part of treatment.

We use the Neuromuscular Balance in muscle tendon insertions of major muscles near their insertions bone, where are the proprioceptive receptors, allowing the body the possibility to rebalance immediately.

The joint range of motion brings confirmation. The vibration stimulates the spine precisely, rebalancing and canceling all the neuromuscular voltages.