Fisio clube

The gift certificate

The gift certificate is an elegant and simple to provide a gift. It can be birthday, wedding day Valentine, on the day of the mother, father or just to please someone very special.

The offer can be purchased in the amount of your choice through the selection of services. In buying the gift certificate value, it may be converted into services.

By purchasing the electronic gift certificate and confirmation bank transfer will receive in your address email the gift certificate duly completed. If you prefer Offer more personalized opt for delivery at the address of recipient. Surprise with a gift unexpected and original.

The additional value for gift checks delivered is 8.00 €. The order will be sent by registered mail in special box.

Payment should be made by bank transfer to the account NIB: 001800003636603100166; IBAN: PT50001800003636603100166 and for 3 days following your purchase will be confirmed and sent the gift certificate.

Payment can be made through one of the following options:

  1. In selecting the ATM transfers and giving an indication of the NIB Physio Club.
  2. A dependence of the Totta with deposit check or money the account of the Club Physio (identified by NIB or IBAN above).
  3. If you have access to your bank via the Internet, you can transfer to the account of the Club Physio using the NIB or IBAN thereof.

After purchasing the gift certificate and made the payment, you must send an email confirmation to, identifying the recipient, the value or service to offer and proof of its bank transfer / payment.

Note: If there is no sending of electronic gift certificate within 3 working days, please let us know via Phone: 96277770